Kitchen Cleanup Made Easy

We understand, cleaning isn't always one of our favorite things to do each day. On average, Americans spend one hour each day cleaning their house according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Between work, errands, parenthood and the chaos of everyday life, learning how to keep a house clean can be one of the earliest lessons we learn. Kitchens have now become entertainment areas more so than they were in the past. So it reasons that we spend more time cleaning them.

The kitchen is a great place to apply the 20-minutes-per-day rule. Spend a few extra minutes cleaning your kitchen after each meal, and you’ll never have to deal with a huge mess in one of the most important rooms in your home.

Powerful Grease Cleaner for Pots, Pans, and Dishes

Dishes tend to be the culprit in a messy kitchen. Many of us have family members who like to let dishes “soak?” Simply prepare one side of your sink with water and few drops of dish detergent. Throughout the day, add dishes to the soapy side and it will lift most of the grease and food off of the dishes. If you have a newer dishwasher, you don't even need to pre-rinse or soak the dishes. Most of these dishwashers have sensors that will continue to wash until your dishes are clean which saves water and electricity believe it or not.

rejuvenate glass stovetopporfessional stovetop cleaner

Behind dishes, comes the counter tops, sink, cooking surfaces and appliances. Thankfully you only need one product in your cupboard. Diamond Shine Kitchen cleaner is the perfect solution. We use sub-micron diamonds to do the scrubbing for you. Diamond Shine kitchen cleaner can be used on pots & pans, stove drip pans, oven interior and exteriors, sinks, and hard-surface countertops.

Professional Cleaning Power for Glass Cooktops & Stainless Steel

It is also ideal for cleaning stainless steel appliances, smooth top ranges and other glass surfaces. Diamond Shine Kitchen Cleaner will remove hard water build-up and rust around the sink and faucet without fail. On top of all of this, our kitchen cleaner is NSF certified for use in and around food prep areas to ensure your family's safety. 

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