About Us

Diamond Shine, a proud minority-owned enterprise, came into being in 2019, setting its sights on revolutionizing the cleaning and detailing industry. Initially conceived as an online-exclusive brand, our journey began with a singular product: a hard water spot remover tailored for glass surfaces. Over time, our commitment to quality and innovation propelled us forward, expanding our offerings to encompass a diverse range of cleaners and brushes. Today, our products adorn the shelves of home improvement stores nationwide, alongside their availability through various online platforms. Embraced by both do-it-yourself aficionados and seasoned professionals alike, Diamond Shine has established itself as a cornerstone of cleaning solutions throughout the United States.

Nestled within the vibrant community of Concord, North Carolina, Diamond Shine stands as a testament to resilience and dedication, driven by our mission to simplify and enhance the daily lives of our valued customers.