NSF Certification

The National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) has recognized certain Diamond Shine cleaners and have added it to their nonfood compound register and their international nonfood compound product register.

NSF and NSF INTERNATIONAL are the arbiters of sanitation for equipment for food service, water treatment, and supplies for these and other areas of sanitation, and are the source of knowledge and product information, world wide, for hotels, and suppliers to restaurants, hospitals, and cruise ship lines among others. Federal and State agencies rely on NSF in the selecting and buying of equipment and supplies.

Not all applications for NSF registry are accepted, and some are accepted upon formula changes, and some applications are rejected out of hand. Diamond Shine was accepted on the first application, without any revision.

NSF has determined that Diamond Shine is acceptable and safe for use in commercial food processing areas. All odors and abrasive residue must be removed prior to using the cleaned surface for direct food contact.