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Diamond Shine

Nano Silver Shoe Protectant & Waterproofer

Nano Silver Shoe Protectant & Waterproofer

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Advanced Waterproofing & Stain Protection for Shoes!

Diamond Shine footwear protectant has been created specifically for the protection of all types of footwear. Our product is based on a reliable water-based formula with Nanosilver compounds. Diamond Shine Footwear Protectant provides maximum level protection against external agents that can damage the fiber, and is compatible with all types of fabrics, from natural to synthetic, leather, cotton, fabric, etc. Thanks to the chemical components of the highest level, Diamond Shine footwear protector penetrates the fiber to its main center, joining it and covering it with a chemical layer that repels all kinds of impurities. The chemical protection system repels grease stains, dirt, dust, stains, and any substance that may damage the fiber. Thanks to the Nanosilver particles, this allows our protectant to fight impurities regardless of their size. Our footwear protectant is free of bleaching compounds, so your footwear will never lose brightness or color.

  • Protective Coating: Innovative Nanotechnology protective coatings combine ease of application and excellent protective properties.
  • New Technology For Shoe Protection: Contains Nanosilver particles, which maintains the sanitary cleanliness, protects from quick contamination and unpleasant odor
  • Strong Protection: Penetrates deeply into the fiber structure and binds to them, creating a thin layer of repelling water, dirt, and other foreign substances which protects allowing for easy cleaning
  • Work On Many Materials: Compatible with all types of fabric (natural, synthetic, and semi-synthetic), natural leather, Eco-leather, nubuck leather
  • UV Resistant Protection: Resistant to UV radiation and other environmental factors that cause discoloration

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