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Diamond Magic

Diamond Magic 20oz & Drill Brush Combo Pack

Diamond Magic 20oz & Drill Brush Combo Pack

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Professional Hard Water Stain Remover & Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Let the power of diamonds clean/remove hard water stains, water spots, lime, rust, and mildew. Polish chrome, brass, aluminum, porcelain, stainless steel, bronze, tile, copper, and much more!

Diamond Magic Cleans Stubborn Stains on Glass

Does your tap water have high amounts of dissolved minerals? Do you live or work near the ocean? We know how coarse water can leave stubborn stains on your windows, windshields, and other surfaces. Diamond Magic is the only answer to all your stain problems. Diamond Magic serves homeowners, commercial window washers, car wash centers, restaurants, hotels, industrial linen laundry facilities, marinas, and other commercial establishments in the United States and many other countries.

Around the home: Shower doors, sinks, toilets, tub surrounds, oven doors/windows, stainless steel, smooth top ranges, gas range grates/top, BBQ grills, microwaves, porcelain fixtures, windows, brass fixtures (including exterior lights), exterior tile/pools, granite, fiberglass, marble, boats, cars, RV's, motorcycles, stone, Corian, and other hard surface countertops.

Industrial uses include: Window cleaning, auto cleaning & detailing, restaurants, multi-home residencies, hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes

Pack contains (1) 20oz bottle of Diamond Magic & 4” drill brush

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