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Diamond Shine

Automotive Cleaner 10oz - Restores Chrome, Cleans Windows

Automotive Cleaner 10oz - Restores Chrome, Cleans Windows

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Polishes & Removes Rust From Auto Chrome

Introducing Diamond Shine™ Professional Automotive Cleaner, the key to achieving the brilliant shine that every detailing enthusiast craves. This premium cleaner, enriched with genuine diamonds, is your go-to solution for restoring a high-gloss finish to chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, silver, gold, and copper surfaces.

Protect Car Metal Against Water Spot Damage

Diamond Shine Automotive Cleaner will protect metal against water spot damage. As droplets of water land on your windshield and other vehicle windows, they leave behind minerals that can lead to unsightly stains. Our cleaner's advanced formula helps neutralize the basic alkalinity of water spot minerals, making it easier to remove them from the surface.

Car Window Cleaner That Protects Glass

Diamond Shine Automotive Cleaner protects your glass by preventing water spots from etching deeper into the glass and causing irreversible damage. Keep your vehicle looking pristine and polished with Diamond Shine™ – the ultimate solution for a brilliant shine that lasts.

For The Best Chrome & Glass Cleaning Results

Simply apply a few drops of Diamond Shine Automotive Cleaner onto a microfiber applicator pad or white scrub pad. Gently work the cleaner into the desired surface, and witness the advanced technology swiftly cutting through oxidation to reveal a beautiful, radiant finish. Trusted by professional automobile detailing companies and restoration enthusiasts globally, Diamond Shine™ is the secret behind a professional-quality shine.

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