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Diamond Shine

21 Piece Drill Brush Set -Brushes, Scouring Pads, Sponges

21 Piece Drill Brush Set -Brushes, Scouring Pads, Sponges

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Transform your cleaning routine with the Diamond Shine 21 Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set. This comprehensive kit includes power scrub brushes, scouring pads, sponges, and a drill extension. Let your drill do the hard work, saving you time and energy. The set complements all Diamond Shine household cleaning products, ensuring a thorough cleaning for every surface.

The 6 Heavy Duty Power Scrub Brushes are designed for various tasks, from gentle scrubbing of carpets and glass to heavy-duty paint stripping and de-scaling. The assortment of 12 scouring pads comes in different levels of firmness, making them suitable for polishing glass, scrubbing fiberglass, stainless steel, and handling heavy-duty scrubbing conditions.

The set also includes a scrub pad adapter with hook & loop for easy attachment, two sponges for gentle cleaning and polishing, and a 6" drill adapter with quick release. Compatible with all standard electric and battery-operated drills, this versatile Diamond Shine set is a must-have for household cleaning. Please note that the drill is not included in the set. Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with the Diamond Shine 21 Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set – heavy-duty, versatile, and designed for efficiency.

(6) Heavy Duty Power Scrub Brushes 

(1) White - 2" Soft Bristle - Carpet, Glass, and other gentle Scrubbing
(1) Yellow - 4" Medium Bristle - Tile and Grout, Fiberglass Showers, Siding
(1) Black - 2" Medium Bristle - Linoleum, General Purpose Cleaning
(1) Black - 4" Hard Bristle - Stripping of loose paint, heavy-duty de-scaling, mortar
(1) Black & Yellow - 3.5" Medium Bristle Dome Shaped - Ideal for toilet bowls.

(12) Scouring Pads

(3) Orange Soft - Polishing Glass, Light Scrubbing, and Plastic Cleaning
(3) Red Medium - Fiberglass Scrubbing, Stainless Steel, and Chrome
(3) Black Firm - Metal cooking utensils and Equipment, Pans, and Skillets
(3) Green Aggressive - Heavy Duty and Harsh Scrubbing Conditions
- Scrub Pad Adapter (hook & Loop)

(2) Sponges

(1) Flat Sponge - Gentle cleaning, polishing, Dishes, Designed for Flat Surfaces
(1) Contoured Sponge - Gentle Cleaning and polishing, Designed for Curved Areas

(1) Extension

(1) 6" Drill Adapter with Quick Release

Fits all standard electric and battery-operated drills.
*drill not included with the set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Edward Pritchard
Rotary brush heads

Fantastic set of scrub brush and scrub pad head for rotary drills. Large, well made attachments are durable and easy to interchange.

Very Useful

This is a nice set for polishing my jewelry pieces. All the attachments fit snugly at the collar. I am a beginner but it does exactly what it should from buff to polish. I like that I could use it with most drills. Its a good investment to keep with your hobbyists' tools.

Super convenient

These drill attachments are super convenient. I use one to clean the shower floor, another for the carpets in my car, and the scotch brite Velcro pads are nice too. Lots of attachment options and replaceable pads. Great set for the price

Leslie Fredericksen
Makes Cleaning A Lot Easier

I hate cleaning the bathroom, especially the tub. Which is probably why it's often in need of a lot of TLC. Using these and my bathroom cleaner of choice made easy work of the shower/tub.

I absolutely will never clean my tub without using these again. The corner brush works wonders in those awkward areas under and around the built-in shelves, and the scouring pad made short work of the soap scum in the tub. They work wonderfully, and I can't wait to find other uses for them around my house.

Versatile Kit

Really like all the different options this kit comes with. I initially got it simply to have a brush to attach to my drill to clean the carpet in my truck but after seeing all the options this comes with, I have plenty of other plans to use these for. I really like the toilet brush looking one for getting between the spokes on my rims. I haven't tried the buffing pads but they feel the same as the pads on my orbital polisher. Excited to use the other things that came with this set