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Diamond Magic

Diamond Magic All-Purpose Cleaner 40 oz

Diamond Magic All-Purpose Cleaner 40 oz

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Powerful Professional Hard Surface Cleaner

Diamond Magic Water Spot/Stain Remover & Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an amazing hard surface cleaner that is made with real diamond dust. Diamond Magic does the work of 20 or more products you may already be using now. Diamond Magic contains sub-micron diamond dust particles that clean and polish all types of glass, smooth metals, and porcelain fixtures to a fabulous shine. For all of its strength, Diamond Magic is so safe that it is documented as acceptable for use in food preparation areas with its registration from NSF International.

About Diamond Magic

Charles J. Ottenheimer, the inventor and developer of Diamond Magic, had been in the glass care business since 1984. In Hawaii, he was referred to as Charlie Puka-Pau. Over many years he had become proficient in glass repair, glass scratch removal, and water spot/stain removal. Since moving to Hawaii in 1984, Charlie had repaired over 25,000 windshields and removed water spots/stains from thousands of automobiles. From the beginning of his glass care career, there were hundreds of requests to remove water spots/stains from automotive and building glass, but he couldn’t find a fast and safe method to satisfy the requests and do a good job, yet easy to use and non-toxic. For 7 years Charlie experimented with over 100 abrasives from America, Japan, Belgium, and Germany and finally hit on a solution. He discovered that sub-micron particles of diamonds in a compatible cleaning paste could create a synergy that easily scoured and polished glass and other hard surfaces like metals and porcelain. These sub-micron particles of diamonds clean and polish the surfaces. Charlie worked with over 1,700 abrasive combinations in order to discover the one that creates Diamond Magic. What started as a water spot and stain remover, Diamond Magic has evolved as a multi-purpose cleaning product. Mr. Ottenheimer was granted 4 United States Utility Patents and was also a proud Eagle Scout.


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