The Diamond Shine Story...

How it all came about . . .

The year is 2018, after meeting a complete stranger by chance, Dan and the acquaintance started talking about business. The cleaning product business to be exact. Dan mentioned that he had some experience (15 + years) in big box retail and thought he may be able to help. Dan calls up his buddy Stephen who he’d met professionally back in 2014 and over a few business meetings they became friends. Stephen, a serial entrepreneur had just a year earlier officially formed his own company to consult and advise businesses on strategy, marketing, and sales specifically targeted at big-box retailers. In the same year, Stephen & Dan began to work together professionally for their main 9 to 5. 

Back to 2018, a couple of months later the acquaintance introduces Dan to the leaders of a cleaning distribution company that handles cleaning products targeted specifically at professionals dealing with hard water, rust, and hard to clean metals. Dan thought the opportunity fit perfectly into the business that Stephen had formed and on a handshake & good faith agreement, Stephen and Dan began working and developing a plan to help this company succeed. 

After months of research and work on this side hustle, it became clear that the current products, while suited well to the professionals, weren't really designed with the consumer in mind. Dan and Stephen were convinced something new was needed. Fast forward to 2019, on the advice of friends and at the urging of Stephen (as Dan is keen on saving money) an outside firm was hired to understand what products were really needed to address consumer pain points that might differ from the professionals. After several designs and negotiations, Diamond Shine Cleaner LLC was born!

We are excited to offer products with a history of success designed to communicate directly to the consumer needs and we are just getting started!

Dan is a father of 3, resides in Ohio and loves traveling, spending time with family, and helping others solve everyday problems. 

Stephen is a father of 1, resides in North Carolina and loves traveling, learning new things, and making music. 


We sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to serving you.

Welcome to the Diamond Shine family!

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